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Popular landscaping ideas in Thailand

Many people in Thailand decide they want to make their lawn look better by using a creating a garden. There are definitely some garden and landscaping options that are more popular than others in Thailand because most of the are small for city dwellings. Not everyone has a lawn that they can mow or take care of and not many people have room for a more extravagant landscape such as a pond or waterfall installed in their yard. Here are a list of the top five most popular 

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front yard landscaping ideas, what they are and why you might need them or want to consider having them done to your yard. Mowing: This is one of the top landscaping services and ideas that are offered because most everyone needs some work done to their lawn to keep it looking nice. Unless you live in an apartment or super rural area, you will probably need your lawn mowed pretty frequently. Landscaping services for your lawn can simply just be mowing your grass, but they also include aerating your lawn. This can be especially helpful for businesses that might have large lawns in front of their businesses that they don’t have time to maintain. Retaining walls: This is another popular service that people need. This is mostly due to people wanting to have a flatter yard if their whole yard is a hill. These can also be helpful if people are trying to put in something like a pool, hot tub or swing set and don’t have a flat enough space for it naturally in their yard. Retaining walls are also used to help direct drain off of rain into or away from certain parts of the yard. Tree planting: This is another service many people need, most of the time because they just don’t know how to do it properly on their own. By hiring an expert, you can guarantee that you know your tree will survive in the area that you are planting it (if there are no unseen circumstances that cause damage). Professionals can also give you the best advice on how far apart to plant trees and where they will look best and function best in a yard. Shrub/bush pruning: Many people don’t know the proper way to prune a shrub. They might cut off too much or damage the tree if they don’t know how to prune properly, so a lot of times people will hire a professional to do this for them. Mulching: A tree’s health can be greatly improved by mulching. Many times the natural soil surrounding a tree doesn’t contain all the nutrients that trees might need to be healthy. Mulch acts like a blanket for a tree. It helps regulate the trees temperature, keeps the roots moist and helps prevent roots from growing too close to a tree. All these services are the most popular because they are the easiest and most important things to do to ensure your property looks it’s absolute best. In Thailand it’s important for many people to have a nice lawn because generally people have pretty large yards that need a lot of care. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Thailand

Phuket: A Paradise Within Reach


An oasis in Thailand, Phuket is one of the world’s most visited spot and is located in the southern part some 860 km off Bangkok. It boasts with magnificent beaches, the merriest and heart pounding nightlife, palatable Thai dishes, friendly people, luxurious hotels matched with excellent service, and a glimpse of Thai history through its ancient temples – enveloped altogether as you indulge with nature and experience Thailand’s culture away from city life. 

Since its devastation during the tsunami incident in 2004, Phuket has risen from its ruins and since then, development became more widespread. Despite its modern and commercialized set up, it has never ceased to leave millions of visitors in awe without any traces or mark of ruins ever left.

Reaching Phuket is easy and travellers can choose to travel by sea, bus, train, or plane. Cruise ships are also a famous way of traversing the waters and enjoying the scenery. Perfect for honeymooners, family outings, solo travellers or group escapade, Phuket is sure to amuse everyone who sets foot on it. 

Here are some of the places for you to visit:

Wat Chalong

The largest and most visited among the temples in Phuket, Wat Chaiyathararam now called Wat Chalong, is among the most visited religious sites with monks known for herbal medicine. Adorned with paintings that depict Buddha’s life and teachings, the Grand Pagoda also houses the splinter of his bone. 

Big Buddha

A recent attraction, the Big Buddha, which measures 45 meters high and is on top of Nakkerd Hills, is visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. Every tourist would surely notice this solemn place of worship.

Old Phuket Town

Abundant with not just restaurants and cafes to fill your hungry stomachs, a walk through the streets of the Old Phuket Town will lead you back in time as it charms in over a century old architectural buildings, houses and shops whose structures were evidently influenced by European culture. Thai and Chinese temples are found in the area too.

FantaSea Show

The biggest, most popular, and impressive show in the province, FantaSea features flying trapeze and ballet, 4D effects, amazing pyrotechnics, hundreds of talented and lively performers, and performing elephants and other animals in an all-in-one fantasy-themed theater event. For the show’s ticket, you have the option to avail of the dinner buffet or simply watch it. Buffet only tickets are also available. Aside from that, guests can also enjoy parades, street shows, and other activities in the park. 

Phuket Aquarium

With both fresh and saltwater creatures, Phuket Aquarium has all the colourful and attractive to exotic water animals which kids and adults would surely enjoy watching. Among the highlights are sharks, different varieties of turtles, rays, shrimps, eels, crabs, and many more. 

Bangla Road 

The center of Phuket’s night life, Bangla Road has an array of bars, night clubs, disco houses, shops that literally have everything you need, and affordable drinks. If you are in the mood for a night out and looking for never-before hard core partying, this is definitely the place to be. 

These are just a few. Visit Phuket and bring home the memories of this enchanting province.

Countless Attractions in Hua Hin

A popular resort town in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and about 195 km off Bangkok in Thailand, Hua Hin (also known as Baan Samoe Rieng or Baan Laem Hin or Stony Point Village) boasts with beautiful beaches, great restaurants with excellent Thai and international cuisines, parks, and historic attractions to give you a more exciting and unforgettable holiday experience.

As Siam’s oldest beach resort, improvements today still show what aristocratic visitors in the past have enjoyed. Hua Hin provides you a peaceful escape from city life with a sense of history.

Here are a list of attractions and activities that you should never miss when visiting Hua Hin:

Hua Hin Railway Station

One of the most famous attractions in Hua Hin, the railway station is the oldest and most beautiful in Thailand having unique architecture. This was built under the reign of King Rama VI. Old trains are being displayed and used today as libraries. Tourists can hop and walk through the railway. This shows a lot of the royal family as the royal family would travel through train towards Hua Hin. To date, pre-nuptial photos are taken at the railway station. Couples in their wedding attire would wait for the train to pass and get their best shot taken to show the Royal Waiting Room which presents Thai architectural style.

Pone Kingpetch Statue

Known as Thailand’s first boxer to have won a world title and a three-time Flyweight world boxing champion, Pone Kingpetch or Mana Seedokbuab made the whole of Thailand proud when he defeated Pascual Pe’rez from Argentina on April 16, 1960. A statute was built for his undying victory and is only walks away from the Railway Station.

Hua Hin Night Market

Located at the intersection of Pecthkasem and Dechanuchit roads, just a few meters away from the Clock Tower and moves further up to two blocks, the night market opens at 5:00 pm and closes at midnight. Tourists can enjoy local food and shopping for apparel and souvenir crafts at the same time. Charcoal painting and cartooning are popular too. Towards the back are various Thai restaurants offering seafood – prawns, shrimps, snapper, name it. European restaurants also abound in the area. Satisfy your gastronomic cravings and food curiosity as you try great food offered by many local restaurants.

Hua Hin Fishing Pier

Situated on the northern end of Naresdamri Road, the Fishing Pier is flocked by both locals and tourists with varied purposes – for fishing game, making a living, simply strolling and feeling the breeze, jogging, or sightseeing enjoying the Hua Hin’s panoramic view that will surely leave everyone in awe.

FN Factory Outlet

Shop ‘til you drop. Definitely a must-visit place for those who love to shop, the FN Factory Outlet, on Petchkasem Road fronting Sheraton Resort & Spa, houses many of your favorite signature brands such as A|X, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY, Greyhound, and Polo Ralph Lauren, to name a few including leather work, home implements such as decorative items, furniture and kitchenware all at discounted prices.

Into the Grand Palace: A Glimpse of Thailand’s Glorious Past

Of all the many things that Thailand is famous for, its rich history, vibrant culture, and majestic structures are some of the features that serve as beacons to tourists all over the world. And among the many historical tourist sites in the country, the Grand Palace is one the most visited.


It is actually a complex of establishments located at the center of Bangkok and has become the official residence of the kingdom’s monarchs since the late 1700s. In the vast complex of temples, mausoleums, ceremonial halls, royal residences and government offices, are several significant structures such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The compound is enclosed in four walls which are 1,900 meters long, while the compound in itself covers an area of 218,000 square meters.


Originally, before the Grand Palace was built, the center of government and the royal palace was situated in Thonburi, on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. Seeing that the capital’s location was unsuitable, the newly enthroned King Rama I moved the capital to the east side of the river, and in 1792 built the Grand Palace that we know of today. The Grand Palace has seen many changes over the years with renovations and the building of newer structures like the Borom Phiman Mansion, which was created for King Rama VI by his father King Rama V.

The Royal Monastery of the Emerald Buddha

Perhaps the most important highlight in the complex is the temple that houses the image of the Emerald Buddha. Considered as one of the most venerated sites in Thailand, the temple is often visited by those who want to worship the Lord Buddha and his teachings.

Inside the temple is the popular Emerald Buddha statue, which is in reality carved from green jade and first discovered in 1434. The Buddha image is placed on a wooden throne, carved and gilded in gold, and dressed in three different seasonal robes. Three ceremonies are held every year wherein the Buddha’s robes are changed according to the season.

Directly outside on the grounds of the monastery are galleries wherein the painted walls depict scenes from the story Ramakien.

Other Buildings

Other notable features of the Grand Palace are the three groups of buildings, namely the Phra Maha Monthian group, Chakri group, and Dusit group. These groups consist of majestic and artistically designed ceremonial halls, throne halls, and royal residences which are located inside the four walls of the Palace.

Another group of buildings in the Upper Terrace, which is near the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is constituted of four main structures: a golden chedi-shaped reliquary, a repository for ancient sacred scriptures, the Royal Pantheon, and a miniature model of the Angkor Wat.

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles

This museum features an interesting collection of beautiful and unique textiles from Thailand and all other neighboring countries. The main purpose of this Museum is to collect these textiles and preserve them for the future generations to see and appreciate. This museum was established in honor of Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit, and since then has undergone many modern changes. Now it is open for the public every day for those of you who want to learn and appreciate traditional Thai textiles.

Truly, Thailand has so much to offer its tourists, but the Grand Palace will give you more than what you expect. Not only does it celebrate the beauty and majesty of Thai architecture but it also brings you along a journey back in time to catch a glimpse of Thailand’s glorious past.

The Wat Pho of Thailand (Wat Prachetupon)

Other than their floating markets, Thailand is also popular because of their numerous temples or ‘wats’. One of these temples is the Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The Wat Pho is said to be the oldest and largest temple in the country and is located just adjacent to one of Thailand’s tourist attraction, the Great Palace.
History and Structure
The Wat Pho was originally a restoration of an older temple in the area. During the Reign of King Rama III, the temple was continuously renovated and extended. The temple has two main sections or walled compounds separated by the Sanamchai Road, which runs from east to west, dividing the temple into two parts.
The southern temple, named Tukgawee, is a Buddhist monastery. Up until today, the monastery has been continuing its operations, housing a number of monks and even has a school.
On the other side of road is the northern half of the temple complex. This part of the temple is more popular to the world because this houses the famous Reclining Buddha and the Thai Massage School.
Birthplace of the Thai Massage
The Wat Pho has been known to be the origin of the famous Thai massage. Today, the temple offers traditional Thai massage lessons in its Traditional Medical Practitioners Association Center, which is an open-air hall. Both locals and tourists visit the open-air hall to enjoy the relaxing authentic massage or even enroll at the school to learn.
In fact, even years before the Wat Pho was built, the site has been a center of practice of traditional Thai medicine. It has been known to be the first public university in Thailand, teaching about topics such medicine, religion, literature and science.
The Reclining Buddha
The Wat Pho is also known to have the most number of Buddha images than any other temple in Thailand. The most famous and literally eye-catching of these images is the huge sculpture of the Buddha in a reclining position, thus the name.
This sculpture of the reclining Buddha is the largest by far in Thailand. The Reclining Buddha is measured to be 15 meters or 49 feet high and 46 meters or 150 feet long. He is positioned in such a way that he is supporting his head with his right arm and two box-pillows which are elegantly covered with glass mosaics. His body, on the other hand, is decorated with gold leaf, and the soles of his feet, which measure 3 meters high and 4.5 meters long, are intricately in-laid with mother-of-pearl. These are divided into 108 panels which depict symbols with which Buddha can be identified with or his auspicious symbols, and arranged so that there is a balance of yin and yang. Also representing these symbols are 108 bronze bowls located in the corridor. It is believed that if you drop a coin in one of these bowls, good fortune will come to you. Also, covering the Reclining Buddha is a seven-tiered umbrella, which is said to represent the authority of Thailand.
Open daily at 8:30 a.m. and closed at 6:30 p.m., visitors need to be dressed properly and appropriately upon entering the temple. For both locals and tourists, touring Thailand is not only a fun and exciting experience, it is also a place of learning new things and a place to appreciate beauty. The Wat Pho offers these to its visitors, but most importantly, it offers a retreat and a chance to touch one’s soul.

The Floating Markets of Thailand

A Little Background Info
When we hear the term “floating market”, we immediately think of Thailand and our minds immediately picture a bustling market where instead of paved roads, a river serves as the way for people and vendors to navigate; and instead of land vehicles like cars, little boats are used to move around. A floating market is indeed a sight to see and a very interesting stop to have 


in one of your vacations in Thailand.
Littered with rivers and canals, people in Thailand have long been transporting and trading their goods using their boats in these waterways. Because of this, many floating markets have been formed and served as centers of trade for the locals to buy and sell local produce.
Nowadays, these floating markets are not only a center for trade but have also become very popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Scattered throughout Bangkok and its surrounding provinces are many floating markets that tourists love to visit.
So Many Markets to Choose From
Perhaps the most popular floating market in Thailand is the Damnoen Saduak. This is the market that Thailand is known to the world for, and it follows that this is the most visited floating market and most crowded with tourists, especially during weekends. Many souvenir shops are also found here. In fact, there are so many souvenir shops that only few other products are sold here.
From here, you can also navigate by boat and visit other floating markets in the area, such as Khun Phithak, Ton Khem and Hia Kui.
Another notable floating market in Thailand is the one in Amphawa. Unlike Damnoen Saduak, the floating market in Amphawa is more popular among the locals. Over the weekends, the entire community transforms into a very lively market, with lots of food that people from the cities enjoy. If you want to go to Amphawa, it is more advisable to visit there on weekends only because most of the locals work on weekdays, and you can’t truly enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market.
If you want a more relaxing and fresh boat ride, Khlong Lat Mayom is definitely the perfect place to visit. This floating market is lined by trees on each side, providing a cool shade and a refreshing breeze. This is also less crowded and has less noise and activity compared to the other markets. Even so, Khlong Lat Mayom is not without great food and interesting shops.
Speaking of food, Taling Chan is the go to floating market of both locals and tourists alike if they crave for freshly roasted seafood and a unique experience. This floating market is popular for offering a wide variety of seafood, grilled to perfection.
Lastly, many new floating markets have been established nowadays due to the growing popularity of floating markets. One such market is Bang Nam Phueng, located in Phra Pradaeng. Being a new market, this has been specifically set up to fill the people’s need for relaxation and enjoyment.
With these countless floating markets, every tourist can definitely find a market that suits their taste. But these markets can’t only provide tourists with memorable and enjoyable experiences; they can also provide an interesting peek into the Thailand’s culture and its people.